Xanthan gum

Xanthan gum is also called Yellow adhesive, xanthan gum, xanthomonas polysaccharide. It is a kind of monospore polysaccharide generated by fermentation of Pseudomonas flava. Since its special macromolecule construction and colloidal properties, it’s with several functions. It can be used as emulsifier, stabilizer, gel thickener, impregnating compound, membrane shaping agent and others. It is widely applied in various fields of national economy. Xanthan gum is praised as “the monosodium glutamate of industry”; it is the microbial polysaccharide with largest production scale and extremely wide application.

Basic information

English name: Xanthan gum    Other name: Yellow adhesive, xanthan gum, xanthomonas polysaccharide

Chemical formula: C35H49O29    CAS number: 11138-66-2    EINECS number: 234-394-2

Appearance: white or light yellow powder

Main purpose

In industry, it is applied as multiple purposes stabilizer, thickening agent, and processing assistant agent, including producing canning and bottled food, bakery food, dairy product, frozen food, salad seasoning, drink, brew product, candy, pastry decorating accessories and others. During food producing process, it is liable to flowing, pouring in and out, channelization and reducing energy consumption.